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At times our faith will be tested,

With all signs of progress arrested…

Not enough cash

For medicine or “mash”,*

Praying the next hill can be crested.

I like “donuts” except when driving,

On them, worried for their surviving…

Over a week,

I’m up a creek

Without a paddle, with no income deriving!

Not having much to give at church

Being income-limited in a lurch…

Don’t know how we’ll get to

Our medical debts, too,

Seems rather an awkward perch.

We’re eating less all the time,

The weight loss makes it almost fine…

Have to recalculate

What hasn’t been “ate”

If blood sugars get out of line.

We try to do the best that we can,

Them we’re hit with another charge or head slam…

Times tougher will be,

We are still trainees

Enduring to follow God’s plan.

We do not blame God for our own

Sins and maturity ungrown…

As the budget goes splat

We are more aware that,

Every saint will struggle before reaching Home.


–Jonathan Caswell

*”mash”…as in the English/British term, “bangers and mash”…refers to specifically mashed potato,  and in general, food.     Bangers and mash…an English/Irish delicacy…refers to sausage and mashed potato, often with an onion or other favored gravy.  “Bangers” are called that apparently because the sausage casing pops open (bangs) when cooked. (info from Ask.com, and elsewhere)