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PHILIPIANS 3: 13; KINGS 19: 14-21

Each time we “blow it” God sees,

As we go down on our knees…

GET UP, He cries,

Lift up your eyes

And  watch for a  quickening breeze!

(1Kings 19: 17)

We arise from our faces

To find He’s planned new places…#

Elijah then

Went to work again,

In reality…back to the races!

–Jonathan Caswell

#See:  1st Kings 19: 14-21




Countering his depressed reflection,

Is knowing they are due for Inspection…

How can he lag

With litter to bag,

An apartment to prepare for reception?

A properly placed in the tail,

Kick will always prevail…

Over gentle reason,

Get off of those knees, son,

And help your wife with the wash pail!

As for those things you dread,

Its time to clear your head…

You’ve got this to do,

A task to see through

So be concerned here, instead.

(Don’t you love it when God tells the prophets–like Elijah–and us to get up and DO THIS–INSTEAD?)

–Jonathan Caswell