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He quietly sits alone,

With wife or close friends near….

So used they are to his quietness

He might as well not be here.

Not that they are ignoring him

Or he ignoring them…

But he never says much either way,

Even though they are his friends.

Once in a while it’s the same old story,

He’s no right to complain…

He can’t expect others to read his mind

Or hear his “downer” refrain.

To tell you the truth its been a while

Since he felt this low…

When you don’t want to bother with poetry,

There’s not further down to go.

Blood sugar levels are part of the tale

And getting worked up over things….

If he opened up to someone he trusts,

Perhaps then his heart could sing.


–Jonathan Caswell









It’s funny how moods tend to change,

An artistic drive re-arranged…

Can drop one thing

To let another fling,

Break forth creative uncaged!

We don’t always see the same way,

It varies the view day-by-day…

Emotional import

Inside treasures will sort,

So that new project may have its day.

A “redhead jag” may return,

When I’m over the current heart burn…

I’ve had quite enough

For now, of that stuff,

Until those affections return!


—Jonathan Caswell