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The current line of Christian thought

Among those who really care…

Is that the title “Christian”

Should be left away out there!

It was first coined in Antioch,

A derisive term at best…

So how come believers

Let pagans draw the family crest?

I know, I know–Emperor Constantine–

A pagan uncircumcised…

Saw a cross in the sky, won a great victory

And forced all to be baptised.

He, himself, would not confess

The faith til his very end…

His mother went to the Holy Land

Finding holy sites for pilgrim vend,

Terms are mixed and washed-out

Just like with Constantine..

You say “Christian” now-a-days

And we don’t really know what you mean.

It’s rather like the fashion of a cross,

That’s become a matter of style…

All those pendants,earrings, pins

Would make a Constantine smile.

Christians now are anybody

Who wants to put the label on….

The whole idea of serving obedience

Is spread out…not acted upon!

Servant of God and Christ’s disciple

Is whom I am in the Lord…

Serving Him means I shan’t stifle

God’s Holy Spirit and the Living Word.

I’ll keep using “Christian”

Out of respect for the ones who know…

That it is not a swear word

But a badge of honor when you go.

–Jonathan Caswell



(Romans 12: 17-18)

Easter greetings to you,

Whatever your holiday brew…

If believers we’ll say,

Resurrection Day

Blessings to your family and you!

Easter with Christ’s cross in tow

Were mixed up a long time ago…

Whether done as a “witness”

Or by pagan resistance,

The truth is sure hard to know!

We could blame old Constantine,

His vision of a cross that he leaned…

To win the day

In a military way,

But Church Fathers also have schemed.

Happy Easter, to me when bestowed,

Becomes a kind of code…

Depending on whom

Bestows, I assume

Whether Resurrection is known.

–Jonathan Caswell




A cultural battle ensued

When some folks no longer viewed…

Western Christianity

As the culture to be,

With Constantine’s influence imbued.

At the time of the burning Yule Log,

Pagan Druids were billed as top dog…

While Rome had all sorts

Of divine cohorts,

With many festivals looming out of the fog.

Why shouldn’t we give this “holiday” back to them,

It could not be called Christmas, then…

Some fertility rite

With debauchery all night,

If it would get rid of the anti-Christian phlegm.

But of course, that will never be,

Judging from past history…

The enemies of Christ

And the Jews, have their lights

To destroy things that they cannot see.

If someone can’t hoodwink a believer,

The next step is to openly deceive her…

Get the children to see

All things should be “P.C.”,

And pagans will convince more receivers.

Why should we follow a pagan emperor, anyway,

Emperor Constantine’s baptism was his dying day….

His Momma by her lights

Appointed tourist sites,

In The Holy Land that could help the Church pay.

Since December is for fertility,

True Christians have th’ability…

To chose a Day worth

His actual Birth,

To worship Him in humility.

I don’t suppose things will ever change,

Like the carols say, the world is still in chains…

The best we Believers can do

Is to stick with Whom is true,

And suffer for our allegiance to His Name.


–an opinion, based upon history, by Jonathan Caswell