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The coffee pot looks dead,

“I drank all the coffee,” he said…

Wrote poems a lot

Right on the spot,

Tonight I’ll sleep like the dead!

Just now a fine-figured red,

Named Karen came for a short stead…

Picking up a flash drive

Then back to the hive,

I wish she liked poetry read!

Been working on a large bacon pizza

Since noon to constantly eat some…

Two liter-sized

Soda comprised

My fluid supply to tweak some.

Writing and blogging all day,

Lots of time here for play…

Keeps mind in gear

But fingers I fear

May need a rest Sunday!

Stevie says that by eight-thirty

He’ll relieve me from my hurting…

Meanwhile I’ll strive

To be alert and alive,

Until to my rescue he’s hurtling.

–Jonathan Caswell



(With no disrespect intended toward that religion!)

Drank cold coffee up as I “oughter”

So filled the pot with cool water…

Much safer for me

Going caffeine-free,

In bed after work I will totter.

–Jonathan Caswell