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It must take courage to pose,

In plain or fancy clothes…

The public eye

(including guys),

In essence the whole world she shows!

More for a purpose than money–

Some responses are  rummy–

Courageous means

Fulfilling fond dreams,

Good reason to flatten that tummy!

Amateurs know whom they are,

Accepting themselves above par…

Not letting shape

Become like red tape,

But showing we all can star!

–Jonathan Caswell

Image of Demi Monde…courtesy Demi Monde!




When you go on your life’s tour,

Do you know what you’re good for…

I mean to say

Do you know your own way,

How you can ease someone’s chores?

I suppose you’d view me vain

Attempting to explain…

What little I know

Of my purpose so

The concept becomes more plain?

Spiritual gifts* I’m aware

Of, although some more may be there…

Include to encourage

Others to “endurage”**

To walk in their faith with care.

In the past I’ve often found

Pastors find me useful and sound…

Just to talk,

Not idolize and gawk

Or set them on pedestal ground.

I’ll often write poetry bidden

By a sermon that they have given…

I don’t know why

Anyone would cry,

Just using what I have been given.

–Jonathan Caswell

* spiritual gifts…see Ephesians 4:7-13 and elsewhere

**1st Peter 4:8-11; Galatians 6:9




Encouragers unite,

Don’t be so recondite…*

Say it plain

So they’ll obtain

A better day filled with light.

Remember that you, yourself,

Endure better with a wealth…

Of cheering fans

Whose only plans

Are to urge you to better yourself!

Remember the needs of the poor

In spirit, depend on your…

Compassion for them,

Cheer leader pro-tem,

To lead them to victory sure.


–Jonathan Caswell

* recondite…make mysterious