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Facts are often ignored,

Through mind filtering they’re poured…

That sounds like me


On my faults I’m more likely moored.

Mixed messages when young,

At least back there begun…

My wife’s getting through

About God’s love too,

The Holy Three-in-One!

Often when down I forget,

Summon up that negative “NYET”…

To any kind words

Whether nouns or verbs,

And generally get upset.

Denying thyself literally,

Means the denial of ME…

Self love unknown

Has to be shown,

By males of humanity!

So now here I am

Thinking I’m an “also ran”…

Unwilling partly

To admit there’s potential in me,

‘Though I know–deep down–that I can!

-Jonathan Caswell

(Dedicated to any and all folks suffering from depression and believing themselves not worth anyone’s attention!)