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Back when they owned a home,

Their woods the homeowner roamed…

Found a large bra

Waiting for a thaw,

Hanging from a branch away from home.

Found a bag-full  ladies’ shoes,

And a PLAYGIRL Mag. well-used….

What evil lurks

In all human works,

What horrible things Man exumes!

–Jonathan Caswell



His wife is sure she sees

Evidence of his release…

Response to her being

Less angrily

That lockdown was worth his agreeing!

Results of fervent prayer,

He walks in lighter air…

Change in attitude

Makers him less rude,

He acts now more with care.

Praise God for my man’s mood,

A change in him I conclude…

The nomentclature:

Put on a new nature

Is gratefully renewed!

–Jonathan Caswell




Christmas Eve, what a Thought

At work sitting at my desk here…

Not the only one

At this time of year

Who has some hidden blessings,

That seem hidden so well

That watching The Lifetime Channel

Actually gives me a thrill  :)!

Looking skyward from our post

Mackerel clouds I see,

Fanned into darkness

From a horizon cloud-free…

In the growing darkness

Thin light fades to blue,

A night of anticipation

When the God-Child comes to you!

Back inside, work partners

Discuss passages from Acts,*

Jesus’ resurrection

And logic that impacts…

Wonder at the mystery

Of not enough details,

One finds belief difficult

But in the other, Love prevails.

Please pray for his friend at work

Whose logic is the test,

Belief is not enough for him—

He must explain the rest…

Sometimes he just pokes in fun

But his questions never end,

It would be nice to be blessed twice

For him to find faith, as a friend.

Christmas Eve and working

As is most-half the world,

The ones not deep in slumber

‘Til the sun and sky unfurl…

One of them won’t celebrate,

The other will at home

But both of them seek answers

From The Bible–Holy Tome!


–Jonathan Caswell

*NOTE*: The Book of The Acts of the Apostles, is in the New Testament of the Holy Bible–coming right after the four Gospel books.