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Each month–about this time—for the previous  two months (this one being no different)–the Author has been treated, in each eye with an injection.  I’m being treated for early macular degeneration behind the focusing part of my retinas.  Each month, after the first set, I tried to describe either the process or result…how it looks in the eye.

Closed eyes when injection’s through,

A rich purple background will do…

Big black spots

Budding smaller dots,

In aqueous fluid grew.

What’s this–a crevice colored,

Orange bound by yellow  under cover…

Of darkness of the lids

closed as I did,

Look on ,

Did the dots this thing mother?

This crack in the black disappeared,

Was it my imagination…high geared…?

A crevice full of light

From a dot black as night,

l it makes it sound weird!

–Jonathan Caswell



The eye doctor saw him this week,

This man’s retina is up a creek…

They have to view

What his wife went through,

Inject contrast and take a peek!

A new drug called Lucentis

He wishes he could prevent this)

Injected in eyes

Brings swelling down to size,

When the doctors cautioned  long ago, they meant this!

–by Jonathan Caswell