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My Dad, in Douglas High School

And buddies must’ve thought it cool…

This ditty to be


The anthem for Douglas School!*

Concerning that earlier time,

Industry used rivers (a crime)…

 To dump waste

Expedient in haste,

Which often produced smelly slime.

Woolen mills region wide

Used river water (fish died)…

Color of the water–

Which cloth dye ordered–

Environmental genocide!

Since then attitudes changed,

Environmental cleanups arranged…

It took years

To reverse tears,

As the fabric of life regained!

Back to our ditty of old,

From youth sarcastic and bold…

Did it–I wonder–

Help end river plunder,

That story has yet to be told.

“Hail to Douglas High (School) where the ‘mighty Mumford’ flows…

You know you are near it if you have to hold your nose!!!”

Living here in Douglas my family history,

 I’ll cherish until it’s time for me…

Why not name this blog

Since it will log

Caswell poetry?

–Jonathan Caswell

*Another explanation for the “mighty Mumford” is that it isn’t big or wide at all!  Although industrial dams have deepened and widened it in places, it is, passing thorough Douglas, still a very minor-looking stream.!



Years and years–decades ago–

This crossing filled with fear…

As one and more automobiles

Were hit by trains so near.

My own Dad nearly wasn’t,

Waking up on the engine’s front…

Of all the family in the touring car

He and his Dad took the brunt.

His father died at that blind crossing

Where so many went awry…

Reduced train speeds or crossing bells

Might have prevented many who died.

The South Street crossing’s eerily

Quiet as a former railroad bed…

Horses and bicycles ply the right-of-way,

With less becoming dead.

–Jonathan Caswell



(Tune: “Jack and Jill Went Up a Hill”)

Country Cat

And City Cat,

Not an alley cat surely,

Met apace

In neutral space

And found themselves securely.

Mountain Cat

And Suburban Cat

(For such they were in truth)

Made a tether

And linked together,

Preparing for “I do’s”.

Making time

Ensuring rhyme,

A year-and-a-month to the day…

Until when

Her dad then

Would give the bride away!

Mountain Cat

And Suburban Cat

Found a place to settle…

Next they knew

His stay was through

And the move would test their mettle.

With hope on the skids

Of having kids–

No boy bats or little girl pretties…

Ensconced in

A woods cabin,

They chose to take in kitties!

Pusscat, Momcat,

Summer and Gingercat

Came and went on cue…

Jessie thought*

This brood was a bummer,

But Tippiecat lasted through!

Mountain Cat

And Suburban Cat

Still linked by a tether…

The cabin’s gone

But they go on,

Making song together!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Jessie McDaniels Caswell was one male…who never got neutered and was very confused being in a household of all spayed and neutered kitty cats. He left as soon as he could…in the middle of a raging blizzard!  😦




I think it was chiffon,

The gown Mom had on

Going to a banquet with my Dad…

I stood in shock,

She had cleaned my clock…

Showing beauty that I didn’t know she had!

With a twinkle in her eye

She craftily asked why

I stood there gawking with my mouth open…

I admitted, how she looked

And that she really cooked,

And that was the answer that she was hopin’!

She remembered very well

That day her youngest fell

Head over heals with love at first sight…

She went and “knocked them dead,”

So she and others said,

It was for her a pinnacle night!


–Jonathan Caswell