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Got talking with Goa Li,

First time he had much opportunity…

To chew the fat

And find out that

He did for some reason miss me.

Found out he has a girlfriend,

A high school love nine years toward the intend…

With stable income

Finally become one,

And wedding invitations send!

We talked on quite a while

Before he left with a smile…

Then back in foir he

Didn’t have the car key,

He ran to his desk, so agile.

–Jonathan Caswell



My family is rather small,

Two parents–two brothers–that’s all…

Not much interaction

For outside inspection,

But her family’s having a ball!

Her party was a big crowd,

With everyone talking out loud…

Some got in more

While holding the floor

But nobody was there cowed!

Cousin Cathy brought Carvel,

An option that went around well…

Seconds were had

By several glad

That ice cream cake was a good sell.

Diana’s cheesecake too,

Diners tried to work through…


Soon mold-integrated,

It wasn’t worth keeping–boo hoo!

We sang Di. her birthday song,*

A day AFTER it belonged…

Parties short notice

Even with good motive

Take time for revelry long!

The next day, the other side

Of the family devised….

A luncheon good

At which Di. would

Be also pleasantly surprised.

–Jonathan Caswell

* Di.   is short for Diana.



Faith from our fathers,

Remembering th’old man…

Knowing that we were loved

According to God’s plan.

Did we disappoint them

Or lose our way (?)…

That–we will not learn

Until the Judgement Day.

We are but children

Of our father’s love…

Will our heavenly Father

Keep us for meeting above?*

–Jonathan Caswell

* The best I know, first there was Sheol…then the Bosom of Abraham…for Jewish believers…above and away far off from hell. See the rich man and poor man story Jesus told. as well as references in the Tanakh and the Bible.



(to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)

Became a part of  family

By marriage, anyway,

Relations with her kinsfolk

Are cordial to this day…

She’s got a blended family

Divorces are rife,

But living with “what is”

We make the most of life!

My own folk have few divorces

But life at times is hard,

No matter what the money state

Or how big the back yard…

Accepting at face value

We walk among our friends,

Her family gets along

With in-laws for good ends!

She wanted to stay married–

That is my focus, too,

For seventy big ones

And then the “lease” renew…

Now life is full of characters

In her family,

I’m glad to be one of them…

On that we all agree!

I truly love my in-laws

And I know they love me too,

We’ve earned a mutual respect

To carry us through…

We’ll be there for each other

Till death do us part,

Our marriage is a covenant

And in-laws a special art!!!

–Jonathan Caswell



How is it that often TV

Programs are made to be…

Watched by women-kind,

It boggles the mind

How oft they concern you and me!

Guys often prefer about “things”,

And less how a family clings…

Learning to grow

In each other’s shadow,

A guy wants to see girls with wings.

I’m not saying guys don’t care

About how their families fare…

Just saying ‘thats’

“We be” different cats,

Preferring how to make tables square!

I’m hiding from a western right now…

Where an orphan is befriended to know,

His death-row Dad

Wasn’t totally bad…

In hopes that stolen money will show.

I gotta use the vacuum,

So I’d better sneak back to the room…

Before I’m caught

For services sought,

And am hit with a fry pan or broom!*

–Jonathan Caswell

*Just kidding–my wife and I made a solemn promise to each other to never hit each other…and it has held for 24 years now…no matter how tempting at the time!  🙂




He sent a Friend Request

To a girl he used to know best…

His love in High School

When he was a fool,

And she got him off her chest.

On Facebook he finds her

And offers to reconfer…

But she remains silent

While not actually violent,

Refusing to concur.

He sees she’s got family,

A clan which fills her need….

So he’ll move on,

He’s done nothing wrong

‘Cause results were never guaranteed!


–Jonathan Caswell






An Advent Wreath they do not have,

But prepare within their hearts…

Reading Scripture, praying,

And acting out their parts.

The wife pulls decorations out

From nooks and crannies deep…

Reminders of the Lord’s goodness,

Into the conscious seep.

They prepare for a journey

To see her family…

His is either far away

Or not talked with easily.

Preparing for the Christ Child,

Who wasn’t born in snow…

Prepares them to receive Him still

Til it’s time for to Him to go.


–Jonathan Caswell