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Is development really arrested

When males look upon the breasted…

Most understand

Instinctive command,

And are happy men are interested.

For those who were breast fed,

One’s children one hopes to have bred…

Must have the best

Of feeding by breast,

Is of great importance, it’s said!

I can’t speak for them,

Doctors in Mom’s day were given…

To a formula routine

With everything cleaned,

In my case a skimmed milk regimen. (?)*

For some of us, took a while,

To understand the reason we smiled…

Push come to shove

Anyone was loved,

Regardless of her profile!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Skimmed milk was the beverage provided in my childhood.  Never asked or inquired—just assumed hat I was bottle-fed as an infant   And nobody to ask, if I dared, now!





A friend of mine was wearing

Luxurious brown velour…

A blouse made in heaven

That fit her well, I’m sure.

Sitting at her computer,

The fabric highlights moved…

From arm-length bars upon the sleeves

And shoulders, ripples smooth.

With light brown lace around her neck,

I barely noticed it…

The movement of that rich velour

Was my fascination legit.


—Jonathan Caswell

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