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Wherever the group, SCARLET FADE,

Performs, plans are made…

By two women

Band followers given

Special front seats in the shade.

One, a ravishing red head,

Each time, turns my head…

Wearing dresses

Femininity expresses,

Drives me wild instead.

So, in the Lord I learn..

It’s better eyes closed than burn…**

Sometimes I see

Without feeling guilty,

Those are few and far between, of concern.

Those two have their own special motions,

Hand dancing as devotions….

In praise to God

No–it’s not odd–

I rock in my own motions!

There was a crowd downstairs,

After, with plenty of chairs…

Unsure in that crowd

I just stepped out,

Into the mid-morning air.

–Jonathan Caswell

** closed eyes….Matthew 5:27-28




That morning in church he sat,

Afraid to get up for that…

So nice to see

His wife feeling free,

To acknowledge each loving pat.

Sometimes he’s afraid of crowds,

As small as this, though loud…

It was easier to sit

And be done with it,

To struggle with an inner dark cloud.

Pastor and friends came by,

To the pew, with welcoming “HI’s”…

It’s good that they did

Or he might have fled,

Feeling rejection in his eyes.


–Jonathan Caswell

POET’S NOTE:  This may or may not have been a actual event…with certain details changed for dramatic effect—why else???? 🙂