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Excuses he made in the past,

Kept him from decisions cast…

Alternate affections

Inducing defections

From marriages supposed to last.

Not getting much at home,

Eyes and mind do tend to roam…

This fear of affairs

To his doctor he airs,

She says to a professional it is known.

A natural tendency to cling

To the one through whom light’s shining….

The danger is real

But she feels

Proper distance will be maintaining.

A note perhaps about her,

The woman who is his doctor…

He knows the line,

Looks away sometimes

Frequently as he prefers.

The nurses there are family,

Been going there a long time, you see…

One or two at close quarters

Are pleasant but mortar

The wall up professionally!

She’ll help him get counseling

And a new social worker to swing…

Emergency care

Helping him prepare

For improvement so he can sing!

–Jonathan Caswell