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Remembering my manners,

I wanted to  simply ask her…

How well was she doing

Considering how “fur ?”

(that is…how far)

She and a friend went running

In a half-marathon….

Came in last but managed to last

Til the finish was won!

I used to jog a mile or two,

Gave up in cold weather…

Icy roads never my friends

And a walk then takes forever.

Anyone who pushes themselves

To personal feats–that’s great–

I so admire this friend of mine

Who runs determined and  straight!

–Jonathan Caswell

FINAL REST….by Carl Gooch


When my Day has finally come

And life’s race has been won…

In my heart and mind

I’ll see the finish line!

Tears of joy filling my eyes,

As I say my fond goodbyes…

When I leave, don’t weep for me–

My Savior I’ve gone to see.

If you must speak grieving words,

Let it be love that is heard…

Don’t stand and tell lies–

I’ll claim no alibis!

I’ve been just an everyday man,

Struggling to hold my stand…

When lain down

At the edge of town,

With God’s help I’ve kept His commands!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 October 2014