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The picture says “Poetry Friday”,

This poem is more about flyways…

Great Blue Heron

Silently tearing,

Along to their next lunchtime gaze!

Heron stand very still,

With positive hopes that will…


By fish quickly sworded,

With lightening strike of his bill.

The birds have several ponds,

For fishing in their environs…

One or two strikes

Must limit their likes,

Then fish won’t come near to be preyed upon!

–Jonathan Caswell



(See the Gospel of John 21, vs. 2 and following)


Peter, James and John

Went fishing the sea upon…

They and four more

Were nearing the shore,

Their whole night of work was a bomb.

A figure called from the shore,

“Children, have you caught any more?”

Try the right side

Where you should abide,

And find a great catch in store!

The seven, a perfect number,

Found the net encumbered…

Peter jumped in,

Began to swim

To see Lord before “sons of thunder”.

For fishing they were not rebuked,

The Lord made sure they weren’t spooked…

But gave each the time

To answer His line,

Like the fish in the net, they were used.


–Jonathan Caswell