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If you’ve ever been depressed

Then inertia you’ve addressed…

The sluggish move

Stuck in a groove,

That keeps one in one’s own mess.

I’m feeling some right now,

To it I’m not going to bow…

Missed church last week

I pledged to seek

Not letting it get me down.

Even if I felt sick,

It was more a deceptive trick…

If I had gone

Healing would’ve come,

Having gotten on the stick.

For months I’ve let it slow me,

Self-fulfilling prophecy…

Awash in a sink

Of negative think,

Yet folks prayed for me.

Once I’m there I’m blessed,

Social-spirit needs addressed…

What I think a crowd

You’d laugh out loud,

But I am easily distressed.

Not great with “small talk”,

I smile, eat and walk…

Few I find close

And I’m not verbose,

Soon enough I go to where I parked.

Diana, my wife, used to be,

My crutch in society…

She’d be talking

And I’d listen while walking

Behind her not saying much, actually.

Frequently on my own,

I fervently praise God through song…

Leading hymns

They say blesses them,

And thus we get along.

The Lord uses me

In ways I rarely see…

I accept who I am–

I’m His to command–

At church I have ministry!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Getting tired—forgot to put the author’s name at the end!)  🙂