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MOMMA PRAYED, by Carl Gooch

Momma Prayed

He was a rough and rowdy boy
Wild as the hills where he lived.
And that old devil would smile,
He’d say look…that’s my boy.

But his momma would pray;
Lord….Lord have mercy
On my wayward son.
And Lord watch over him today.

The devil would laugh and say,
He’s mine now, plan and simple.
And there’s nothing you can do.
Why don’t you let him go his way?

And his momma would pray;
Lord….Lord have mercy
On my wayward son.
And Lord watch over him today.

Then one night sitting all alone,
The Spirit came to the boy;
Reminded him God died for him.
And that he was a child of the throne.

And his momma would pray;
Lord thank you for your mercy..
Thank you for all you’ve done.
Thank you for listening when I pray.

Yes, his momma prayed;
Prayed to God above..
That He would send down His love.
And God answered when she prayed.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 22 January 2014




For a believer in Christ, two ways,

Of knowing what feeling guilt says…

Pre- and Post-

List’ning to the Holy Ghost,

Determines which answer to raise.

Finding a sin in life

And not fully dealing with, brings strife…

The Spirit convicts

While one’s ego tricks

Us to thinking this much guilt is rife.

Unless you confess and repent

The Holy Spirit is sent…

To nag you to see

That it’s not totally

Dealt with by personal intent.

This often feels like guilt,

Underwhich one’s stubbornness wilts…

This urging of Spirit,

How most hate to hear it

But He keeps us from our sinful tilts.

Listen, confess and repent,

For that is why His spirit is sent…

Ask forgiveness right then,

Accept it from Him

And resolve then a more Godly bent!

After the process is done

And victory in Jesus is won…

THEN if there’s guilt,

After seeking God’s ilk,

Then Deceiver’s temptations have come.


–Jonathan Caswell

**Developed through reading “PRAYING GOD’S WORD, Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds,” by Beth Moore (2009).





A recent post about a gal

Pursuing a guy,

Brought to mind from memory

The reasoning why,

Ever so long…

Even after married,

He pursued this one or that

Juggling torches carried!

He held a torch for his love

And tried to be faithful,

But underneath he often

Was attracted to the fateful…

Loved his wife and yet he found

Little in the way of training,

To resist every swish

Of a prettier skirt for obtaining.

Waiting at the corner for

Some girl to photograph,

Taking liberties that could

Have been his epitaph…

Learning how in tempting times

To back up from the line,

Before he lost his love—

His feelings turned on a dime.

He remembers how it was

Before the blessings married,

He has learned to forgive himself

And only one torch carry.


–Jonathan Caswell



His Help, His Forgiveness

I look for help, so where does it come from?
Not by my hand or my brothers does it come.
So I look in the valley and all is quiet and still;
I lift up my eyes but my help is not on the hill.

My help comes from the Lord the Creator of all;
He’s my strength and shield He will not let me fall.
I fear not for the Lord protects and watches keeps;
He is my champion He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

The Lord keeps and protects me night and day;
His words of loving promises guide me on His way.
His precepts and laws teach me wrong from right;
And His fervent love stands guard through the night.

The Lord blessed me with a treasure of a great wife;
He gives me the wisdom to accept His good life.
And when I fall flat on my face and fail making mess;
He dust me off and reminds me of His forgiveness.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 25 April 2013




She couldn’t open the pineapple can

Because the opener went with her man…

Who tried to pony

His “Beefaroni”*

A broken pop top foiled the plan.

His Beefaroni yielded being levered with a spoon.

The can opener wasn’t as useful as assumed…

With it he absconded

So she desponded

On having pineapple soon!

He came back at eleven, PM,

And she asked for the opener (AHEM!)…

They both had a treat,

Pineapple to eat—

Forgiveness in serving both of them.


–Jonathan Caswell

*A product of “CHEF BOY-AR-DEE” FOODS.