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Listing his various loves,

And hair color of former doves…

He found these three

Most frequently,

Were treated with softer gloves.

For blondes he’ll often fall,

One nearly got it all…

A job wasn’t found

And he ran aground,

Someone else got her all!

A brunette is who he married,

And whose torch he’s carried…

For reds he’ll fall

And dream it all,

The brunette is glad he tarried!

–Jonathan Caswell




“D” is delightful,

What Daria is to us…

Irena is insightful,

The both of them a “plus”;

“D.” is for Daria,

A fine Polish girl’s name…

Irena and “D.” work happily

To all that paperwork tame!

Our Administrative Assistant,

A girl of twenty-three…

Does her work with fortitude

And yet has come to be

A treasured confidant to some,

To others a reminder of

Those youthful times of yesteryear

When they were in love!

Some men bring her candy

To share, watching her smile…

Some compare notes about life,

And hang around a while;

She often keeps on working

Not missing a single word…

She’s the joy of all at Riddlebrook,

We’re glad that we have her!


–Jonathan Caswell