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My Strength and Refuge

When in my times of trails and troubles,

I am safe for the Lord is my sanctuary.

Therefore my heart shall have no fear,

Even if the mountains should fall to the sea.

I do not tremble as the strong winds blow,

Or as angry waves crash upon the shore.

God is with me and I will not be moved,

Many are the blessings He holds in store.

Fully trusting in Him as we walk together;

He walks with me from dawn to setting sun.

I read His loving promises He gave to me,

And I know the creator of all calls me son.

The evil sins of this world will lead to death,

And kingdoms may fall to a warring nation.

But our Father, the Lord of hosts is with us;

And it is in Him alone that I find salvation.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 24 August 2015

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