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I think it was chiffon,

The gown Mom had on

Going to a banquet with my Dad…

I stood in shock,

She had cleaned my clock…

Showing beauty that I didn’t know she had!

With a twinkle in her eye

She craftily asked why

I stood there gawking with my mouth open…

I admitted, how she looked

And that she really cooked,

And that was the answer that she was hopin’!

She remembered very well

That day her youngest fell

Head over heals with love at first sight…

She went and “knocked them dead,”

So she and others said,

It was for her a pinnacle night!


–Jonathan Caswell





My friends, they never would,

‘Though sometimes I feel they should…

Call me “gimp”

Because I limp,

And sometime don’t walk very good.

I get most of my exercise

At work but realize…

Outside I must train

Myself to maintain

Leg muscle tone (“I tries”).

There’s “always” been something wrong,

A curve in my back so long…

I’ve nearly forgotten

The times I was trotting,

Without a hitch being gone.

When I’m tired I am frustrated

By a limp exacerbated…

I pray I could walk

With no risk of gawk,

By observers as I’ve ambulated!

Starting out on a round stinks,

Partway through I can work out the kinks…

Hobbling less

Is improvement, I guess,

Bolstered by a couple warm drinks.*

Each day is faced step-by-step,

With a minimum of time for prep…

You do what you can

Whether man or woman,

And whatever results–accept.


–Jonathan Caswell

*”warm drinks”—nonalcoholic…remember, I’m a diabetic!!!





Up in a tree as I drive along,

I see a watchful hawk…

Looking around the busy highway

With a road-kill restaurant gawk.

He/She is the second generation of hawks

I’ve seen on this highway…

A larger one patrolled for years,

This stretch for its prey.

I recently changed my route to work

But when I go back to that way…

I see a hawk watchful for food,

That got in a vehicle’s way!

–Jonathan Caswell