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Love valued and practiced,

States thing very plainly…

Yet shows compassion

To love folks along mainly.

Caring and committed

To seek another’s good…

Daring to befriend the different

And nurturing  green wood.

Choosing sticking up for another,

Sympathetic sitting beside…

Not trying to be frenetic

But in perfect love abide!

–Jonathan Caswell

CHILD…by Carl Gooch


Child, child, child;

Why is it that you grieve me so?

I see your life and hear your lies,

But the truth I know.

With your lips you say

You want to love and honor me.

But when I look at you, dear one,

That is not what I see.

You only come to me

When it’s my blessings you seek.

Yet when you’re behind my back,

Its curses you speak.

Don’t you understand?

You’re my child, I’ll always love you.

But how much more would you have,

If you would obey too?

I know the glitter

Of this evil world is flashy and bright.

But when temptations come calling,

Call upon my guiding light.

Was it I gave you life?

It was out of love that I created you.

Change your ways and return to me,

And see the blessings true.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 27 August 2015