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Rode home part-way with Clyde Lewis,

GROUND ZERO, for the clueless…

Oft mentions stargates

U.F.O. debates,

Bringing the paranormal to us.

COAST-TO-COAST AM, with George Noory,

Sometimes tells a similar story…

History, politics,

All these get their licks,

I got home too soon and I’m sorry!

Ate blue corn chips driving home

And drank DIET MOXIE alone…

MOXIE tasted fine

It had been some time,

It tasted okay on its own!

–Jonathan Caswell



In essence, it’s really funny,

Investors with too much money…

Time on their hands

Controlling lands,

Now aren’t your eyes moist and runny?

I’ve heard former Presidents’ wives,

Who like controlling lives….

An audience may receive,

Oh how we grieve

The they’d visit such high-priced dives!

The Press…now where are they,

Who set up the news of the day…

It is all ignored

(They can’t pay the board),

But commanded to “heel”…they stay.

George Noory and Clyde Lewis,

Keep us informed of these doings…

They aren’t on retainer

For the fascist news deigners,

But keeping their eyes on unreported power brewings!

–Jonathan Caswell

George Noory and Clyde Lewis are hosts of the radio shows Coast-to-Coast-AM. and Ground Zero, respectively, broadcasting late night throughout America and the world!  Both programs mentioned the Bilderberg Conference this week.  See for further info:   http://www.coasttocoastam.com     and at http://groundzeromedia.org




On “Coast-to-Coast AM”

He listened driving home again…

To a broadcast

Consulting the past,

Of Sumerian writings back then.*

Sumerian cuneiform,

The writing on clay then warmed…

To solidify

Comments by and by,

From these the guy was informed.

A discussion on U.F.O.’s

Is properly composed…

Looking at the present

And government reticent

To admit or to disclose!

Sumerian and cultures ancient,

All seem to be acquainted…

With beings from skies

In mythological guise,

According to scholarly penchant.

Last night’s guest of George Noory,

Proceeded to tell a story…

That these myths were real

That governments conceal

That aliens aren’t ALWAYS gory!

Believe the stories or not,

It’s apparent that some things are caught…

And held by the Press

To not distress

Or hold government accountable as they ought!


–Jonathan Caswell


Broadcast on WTAG, 94.9 FM, September 24, 2013, with guest Jim Maars, on “Planet X” and ancient accounts of U.F.O. visitors, among other items.  See http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2013/09/24.