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It sounds controversial

For  a Christian to appeal…

To believers of all other gods

To lend their aid and deal…

With the human suffering

Of two major hurricanes

Families of many faiths

Enduring loss and pain!

Even if you have no god,

Please  think good thoughts to heal…

It’ll be a long time  till many folks

Return to an even keel;

This is what my Dad might have done

In his liberal theology…

Reaching out to all concerned

With no apology!

I’ m thinking of a special friend,

A blogger fresh and true…

Known as Holly Hunter

And other Floridians, too;

Her “House of Heart” is quiet till

She survives the storm….

I repeat my concern

For her a colleagues’ love is warm!

To our knees, lotus positions, or however you access the divine—for the sake all storm victims!



(“The Yellow Rose of Texas” tune)

The piney woods of Georgia

Will be snowbound again,

A storm may hit tomorrow

Making the other seem so thin…

This storm is going to clobber

The state with lots of snow,

A State of Emergency

Declared prepares for that show.

One hopes they’ve gotten more sand trucks

And train-loads full of salt,

So they’ll do better with the roads

Under winter’s assault…

A better-timed departure

Of those commuter hordes,

And managing the wait til spring

May leave some kinder words!

It’s a second slam for Georgia,

New England is next—

The prediction is a blizzard

With snow up to our necks…

With wintry wind at gale force strength

Making drifts really high,

And a warm-up probably next up

Featuring a sunny sky!

–Jonathan Caswell