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(Biblical conclusions)

You’ve probably heard it said,

Without gifts the church is dead…

Whether tongues

Or help with funds,

Some days to get out of bed! 😀

In this society,

Lay persons ask—AND ME?–

They want to try


“Their gift”—for self esteem?

As for me and my house,

How it’s done is somewhat false…

It never said

One gift per head,

The Bible ignores such faults.

It says…the Spirit supplies…

Accordingly relies

On His will

To fulfill,

All as He sanctifies.

By the Spirit I suggest

One need not know the rest…


The Lord will give

As needed, all the rest!

–Jonathan Caswell



He’s not trying to be conceited,

Just telling what some have conceded…

The man has gifts

Too many to list,

And through them God’s word is seeded.

They aren’t in use all the time,

How could he know…doesn’t mind…


Is so trying,

Just let me be used by THE MAN!

Live your life, says he,

Say, Lord how You will, use me…

Spirit control

Fills up the soul,

Fill me to full completely!

–Jonathan Caswell



(In so many words…can be sung to the tune of The Yellow Rose of Texas!)


I’ve known my Jonathan for years,

Since nineteen eighty-eight…

He’s always helped me face my fears

Though sometimes they were great,

We made a promise under God

To always live for Him…

Although living’s not easy

God has filled it to the brim!

I love my Jonathan because

He never has walked out,

Although he can get frustrated

Enough to loudly shout…

But he quickly apologizes

For making a scene

And though he sometimes gets upset…

He never has been mean!

He pushes himself often

And sleeps whene’er he can,

I try not to disturb him

Unless I’m in a jam…

He loves me more than anyone

Except for his Lord,

He studies Bible on his own

And keeps his faith assured!

Many times he’s put me first

And I get the last cup,

Of coffee or of soda…

If it’s flat he drinks it up;

He does most of the cooking

But sometimes I surprise

Him with dinner ready,

To light up his weary eyes!

We work together at the chores

To keep our apartment clean,

We’re always sorting papers

And keeping bills where they are seen…

We’ve rearranged the furniture

So often I can tell

From his expression when the changes

Don’t work out so well!

My Jonathan–a “gift of God”—

Or so his name means,

Puts me first in nearly everything…

Fulfilling all my dreams;

He should take better care

Of himself and not just me…

I want us together for the Rapture,

In love eternally!


–Jonathan Caswell

(My wife said it!)