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(An opinion)

They say it’s God’s match for you,

A Christian dating view…

Potential mates

Lined up at gates

Once Christian college purview.

A vision of godly life

Enhanced by husband or wife…

Neglecting all

The words of Saint Paul,

Who would save believers great strife.

Loneliness–who can take–

Even for the Lord’s sake…

Flocking in hordes

To marketing words

Whom profits from Christians will rake.

Soldiers ignoring battle,

Preferring a baby’s rattle…

Energy meant

For the Gospel is spent

Acquiring a mate with chattel.

God’s Kingdom is long-delayed

For all the games that are played…

Marrieds aren’t free,

Not used as readily

And whose weakness is more readily displayed.

To some it may seem heartless

To advocate less finding partners…

Matthew 6:33

Is a believer’s key

To making a dent in the darkness.

–Jonathan Caswell



Whether ritual or rite,

We seek blessing tonight…

Rememb’ring well

What our fathers tell,

To see by faith–not sight.

Going through the motions

Or making up strange potions…

Is unfair

To God there,

Who demands intimate devotions.

The Bible or Tanak

Says we shouldn’t mock…

God th’eternal King,

Praise to Him we sing

By faith we become His stock.

Remembering loved ones

Whenever worship comes…

Appreciate the good

And worship as you should,

Being thankful when Shiloh comes!

–Jonathan Caswell




Atheists and Muslims believe

That Christians are out to deceive…

A Baby Divine

Is out of line

With the “logic” they think should be!

To them and their kind,

The God-man is out of His mind…

He does not exist,

His believers twist

His words because they are blind.

Christians in God believe

That God through a Baby achieved…

Infiltration of Man

Just as planned

To live and die for their need.

Atheists and others try

To point out discrepancies as to why…

Bibles can’t be trusted

And belief busted,

That the thing is just a big Lie.

Then they pick and choose

Which verses they want to lose…

And do not question

Their own suggestions

Of how Scripture should be used.

When the Bible speaks plainly, they ignore it,

When they see an advantage they “floor it”…

Uneducated folk

Get caught in the spokes,

Of spinning prejudice at the core of it.

The Bible says man’s logic is of fools,

And how defaming Bibles makes them drool!

By saying the same old thing

Indiscrete ears ring,

The undiscerning will be caught in stagnant pools.

Unbelievers always will hate

And try to class as reprobate…

The God who came as man

To achieve His saving Plan,

Believers must endure this hate with grace.


–Jonathan Caswell

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Two roads diverging,

Each going one way…

In life we don’t find these roads one time,

But each and every day.

I found a woman who looked so fine

I had to conquer her…

She was willing to give some ground

And the rest became a blur.

Engaged to be married,

With a full-time job needed on plate…

Relationship roots, or lack of, bore fruit

About which he could not debate.

She found one four months later,

While he took four years to unwind…

She happily married while she parried

The loser, who wished he were blind.

Another intersection presented

A way to get out of his funk…

He gradually found a way to come ’round,

Had to move, so he packed up his trunk.

Finding spiritual friends in the mountains,

Christians maturing like wine…

Healing proceeded however was needed

As Jesus gave him His time.

In a year or two, drawn into ministry,

Eventually convinced of the need…

To stop his striving and carnal conniving

To be from his burden set free.

And then when least expected,

An answer came out of the blue…

In indirect answer of a plea for support

He found a pen pal, too!

For she had just (he learned afterwards)

Submitted to Christ her fate….

What grew from that initial exchange,

Is, after twenty-five years, still great!!!


–Jonathan Caswell