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SAFE TO THE END…by Carl Gooch

Safe to the End
Renew your mind as you ought,
Get rid of negative your thoughts.
Remember that your Lord today,
Is the same Lord of yesterday.
The Lord who freed captive Israel,
He is our Lord; He is alive and real.
The Lord who sent manna from above,
Is the same Lord who sends His love.
Why do you tremble in doubt?
When it is praises we should shout.
Our God has the power over all.
And He has heard your heartfelt call.
Do not rely on how bad you feel,
Or on what your mind thinks is real.
The Lord has promised good to you,
And He is there to see it through.
In your dark He sends you hope,
His word is peace to help you cope.
He knows our fears; he’s heard our plea;
Wait on Him and a miracle you will see.
It is in His time and in His way,
Be assured He is working today.
Remember Daniel in the lions den?
Our Lord kept him safe to the end.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 July 2013




An Advent Wreath they do not have,

But prepare within their hearts…

Reading Scripture, praying,

And acting out their parts.

The wife pulls decorations out

From nooks and crannies deep…

Reminders of the Lord’s goodness,

Into the conscious seep.

They prepare for a journey

To see her family…

His is either far away

Or not talked with easily.

Preparing for the Christ Child,

Who wasn’t born in snow…

Prepares them to receive Him still

Til it’s time for to Him to go.


–Jonathan Caswell