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“If I don’t have love..I am just a clanging cymbal…”  1 Corinthians 13: 1

Some say the language of angels,

Sounds like poetry….

The Love we have from Jesus Christ:

For you He hung on the tree!

love is kind–man’s love is cruel–

The best and worst of us all…

Christ dies to clear away sin

forever, after the Fall.

First Corinthians thirteen

Declares love as many things….

When someone accepts the Christ by faith,

Hear happy angel wings!

–Jonathan Caswell




The postman and I visit,

A short time till i must get with it…

Closing gates

And letting mates

Into doors for “what is it”?

He’s more conservative than me,

Stands on principles religiously…

Some preachers both heard

We agree preach the Word,

God’s love allows us to disagree!

–Jonathan Caswell


FORETOLD…..by Carl Gooch


The chains of death surround me;

A river of destruction engulfs me;

An evil snare set to entangle me;

And my grave lies open before me.

O Lord, in my troubles I call to you;

To my God I cry out in fear.

In your holy place my pleas reach you,

You receive my voice with a loving ear.

I have called on the Lord, my God,

Who alone is worthy of my praise.

I have seen His works and am awed,

He guards my path and blesses my days.

I love you, O Lord you are my life.

My God, the shield of my salvation,

You are my rock, my refuge from strife.

With love you bless me before all nations.

You are my fortress, my stronghold;

You are my refuge to which I tightly hold.

You are the same protector from old;

The one of which the prophets foretold.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 20 June 2015



I hear birds singing sweetly in the sky,

It’s their song of praise and I know why…

I look up and see the birds flying free

And I know my Lord watches over me!

Trust in our Lord, rely on his love,

He’ll provide for us day by day…

Call upon His strength and mercy–

He grants us power to walk in His way.

I sit surrounded by flowers of the field,

Their beauty relaxes and His glory reveals…

My heart is opened, my spirit bursts free

For in splendor my Lord has clothed me.

Trust in your Lord, rely on His love,

He’ll provide for day-to-day…

He is our refuge and fortress

Receive His strength while you pray.

When we are faced with fear or woe

He is there to show which way to go…

Our Lord provides for every need

An in love His blessings to us exceed!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 08 May 2014



Prayer to Father,

Day-to-day walking with God…

Garden exercise!

Alive: Jesus Christ,

The perfect sacrifice Rose…

Of Sharon…He lives!

Broken bonds of slaves,

To the flesh allegiance gone…

Luke four: eighteen and nineteen!

Saul persecuted,

Jesus rerouted ardor…

Paul, His new servant!

–Jonathan Caswell




Celebrate the Son of God,

The Sun is getting higher…

Though we’re in the thick of night

Let’s raise a blazing fire.

Evergreens, eternal life

And hope in winter bringing…

Hark–I hear signs of life—

Winter cardinals singing!

Moonlit snow is blinding

To the wide awake…

All of us must ope’ our eyes,

New life to grab and take.

Winter’s grip is fading

Despite the coming storms…

Knowing we are in God’s Love

Is knowledge that warms!


–Jonathan Caswell






Our yearly education…

Someday we’ll be bright

And get it all right,

Not having mutual consternation.

We didn’t have the right forms,

It turned out a can of worms…

Irena printed

The stuff hinted

That we’d lost somewhere in storms*

I was able to, on the run,

Find the things to get the job done…

Between us two

My wife and I do

Manage when under the gun!

For what it is worth, we’re a team,

Together we’ve answered our dreams…

Not always as wished

But enough dished

Out to see God’s love streams.


–Jonathan Caswell

* storms…as in falling paper piles?  😦 


Love Shines Through
Lord of my salvation,
Let your grace fall upon me,
According to your promise.
May your word be on my lips,
For my hope is in you alone.
Your truth will answer my foes,
I trust in your word.
Your laws and precepts
Are my mirror and guide.
As I hold them in my heart,
I will walk in your freedom.
I can speak your truth
Before common and kings,
And not be shamed.
I delight in your commands,
For they bring good to me.
Lord of my life, in your word
I seek your will for me.
On your decrees I meditate,
And love shines through.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 October 2013

BECAUSE OF HIM… by Carl Gooch

Because of Him
Because of Him…..
I’m free from sin.
Because of Him…..
I am born again.
Because of Him…..
My soul is satisfied.
Because of Him…..
Salvation does abide.
Yes, because of Him…..
I’m dead to sin.
Because of Him…..
I can live again.
Because of Him…..
I will sing His praise.
He has called me His own
And blessed my days.
Because of Him…..
And all He does for me,
I will follow Him;
Because He sat me free.
Yes, because of Him…..
I’m dead to sin.
Because of Him…..
I can live again.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 July 2013




Mounting evidence that

Most communications are “bugged”,

Or at least “they” know the chat

Won’t be swept under the rug…

Electronic surveillance

Or the forming of secret police,

Naturally happens in this world

‘Cause power struggles never cease.

Those of us who may fear the State…

Do we not fear God more?

What’s the use of fearing

When we can run our lives full-bore…

There’s no difference ‘tween Rome and now,

The stakes are just as high

With souls in the balance depending on God

To hear their anguished cry.

Are you willing to work for God’s Kingdom,

Do you believe enough to die

And give your bodies to His service

In daily sacrifice?

Brother Paul the Apostle was preaching

Even hanging in chains in the jail,

If we leave results to our Father

His message will not fail.

Some of us are faithful through our children

Bringing them up faithfully,

And those without that blessing

Can do more, naturally…

Taking care of ill fam’ly members

Is a ministry all its own,

We are given the privilege to carry

Them till they are safely Home.

Live your life, my Brothers

And Sisters in the faith,

Our Lord leads us forward

On paths that may not be safe…

Trust yourselves to the Father,

Son and the Holy Ghost…

Be careful to be ready

Where God uses you most.


–Jonathan Caswell