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MERCY ON ME….by Carl Gooch


The Lord shows His mercy to me,

His loving compassion has blessed….

He stood and paid a great price

Willingly died as sacrifice.

I knew those sins and transgressions

Fueled my wicked heart’s progression…

That heavy chain bound me to evil ground,

I was doomed til He set me free!

“Lord…have mercy on me!”

I cried and He came as He promised for me…

Love and mercy–all His–let my soul rise

The world, His loving truth, see!!

Loving Lord, have mercy on me,

You bled and died me to free…

You washed me clean from all my sin

So I’m reconciled to Him.

By His love I stand here today,

He’s the Truth, Life, and Only Way…

He’ll lead you to a better place; follow and seek His face:

Call on Him and know His mercy and grace!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 June 2014



I was blind–wandering in the dark–

Thinking all was fine, but I was lost…

But God had mercy on my foolish heart

And sent His son to pay the cost.

My Lord is the source of all good,

I trust in my God above…

I say my hope is in God alone

And the full blessings of His love!

Oh Lord, you’ve opened my eyes,

I have seen how wrong I’ve been…

Lead and guide me in Your ways

So all see your Spirit within.

My mind was filled with much information

That meant nothing without revelation…

That only through Christ is there salvation

(Hope assured brings peace, satisfaction)

Through me may they see His reflection!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 29 April 2014




‘Twas a challenge to wake up today,

All my funny dreams went away…

With insulin gone

One must labor on,

No matter what doctors may say.

Checked the bank and blog early morning,

The rent came in–enough warning…

Blessings shared

From saints made aware

Have kept us from financial mourning.

Still waiting on vacation pay

(And be careful of what I say)…

Learning to trust

Before the car dies of rust,

Is what I so poorly display!

My troubles with our HR,

Largely my fault so far…

Or so it seems

I have been deemed

Not worthy of their time–that’s par.

At the pharmacy I nearly lost it,

At the total my medicine cost…

‘Til they discovered

An error that hovered,

In the computer that’ll not be fostered.

No leftovers in the kitchen,

But for delivery I’m itching…

But all the menus

Are gone (boo-hoos!),

I’m not totally lost (just a smidgen!).

But God has been good this week,

I’ve found blessings as I seek…

To follow His way

And practice each day,

Keeping closer eyes on my harsh “beak”.

I’m so thankful Jesus loved Peter,

And his buddies who spoke the same meter…

My mouth corrupts

Too often erupts,

Saying the wrong things–a defeater.

My angered frustration controlled

Or not, has my outlook told…

In God’s mercy

My wife has not hurt me

When my mouth needs some soap enrolled.

As for other failings, they are there,

Most are known by close friends who care…

They give me church hugs,

Although like David I’m a slug

But it’s always God’s mercy we share!


–Jonathan Caswell