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Jesus and His friends in the boat,

They yelled and He kept it afloat…

He took their fear

Away and skies cleared,

So the kids love the banana snack boat!

On the water–it is watered down–

No wonder no kids stay around…

The power of God

Ignored as odd,

The facts of the story–drowned.

Why not show that Jesus is King,

Creator, controls everything…

We think of ourselves

Putting faith on shelves,

And learning ’bout God not a thing!

One point of the story is trust,

Not how a banana is trussed…

Fear in your day,

Sometimes is okay…

Especially if with danger you’ve brushed.

These lessons oversimplified,

Are why many parents have cried…

As to why their kids

Put Christ on the skids

Preferring in hell to die!

–Jonathan Caswell

Developed from a broadcast of NO COMPROMISE RADIO…on WVNE, 760 AM, 3:30pm to 4:00 pm, today, 5/1/14…concerning an over-simplified lesson of Jesus calming the sea…Mark 4:35-41…and how to better approach the issue.