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TRULY LIVE, by Carl Gooch

Truly Live
I try to guard my ways
And keep my lips from sin;
But the harder I strive
The more I find sin again.
Should I close my eyes
And not speak one word?
Would not my sin increase,
If the truth was not heard?
My heart hot with passion
As the fires raged within;
I called out to God above
“Tell me, Lord, how not to sin.”
Lord, how fleeting my life
All my days are but a breath.
Only in you is there power
For victory over sin and death.
Oh my Lord, hear my prayer;
And be not deaf at my plea.
I desire to be more like you,
Only you can change me.
Help me to receive the gift
You so freely give
That I may have your power
In you to truly live.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 November 2013

VICTORY!…by Carl Gooch

Praise to the Lord of all.
He has answered my call.
From my bended knees,
He has heard my pleas.
My Lord came to me there,
In the depths of my despair.
Out of my sin and darkness
He lifted me from my mess.
Now in the face of my foe,
I will speak what I know.
There is mercy and love,
It comes from God above.
I praise the Lord most high,
For He has heard my cry.
I will bow on bended knee,
For He alone has saved me.
Nothing anyone can say,
Can ever take that away.
I love the Lord and He loves me,
He died and rose to give me victory.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 24 September 2013


Starting my Day
I wake in the morning
Wipe the sleep from my eyes.
And I say me a little prayer
Before I start to rise.
I get up, wash my face
And comb my hair.
And I call on my Lord
There in my prayer.
Then in the kitchen
As breakfast I make,
I thank the Lord
Before a bite I take.
I read my devotions
I’m ready to start my day.
So I ask the Lord
To guide me today.
I ask Him to show me His will
What He would have me do.
And give me His strength
That I may stand brave and true.
I go about my day
The Lord by my side.
His love for me
He does not hide.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 20 September 2013

FOUND TRUE…by Carl Gooch

Found True
Of your love and justice will I sing;
To you my Lord will my praises ring.
Council me, lead me, teach me,
For your loving ways I wish to see.
Help me to keep my house holy,
That I may come to you boldly.
Keep my feet steady and sure,
And my heart blameless and pure.
In this world I have no home,
But on your path I gladly roam.
Here I have no silver or gold,
But with you I have riches untold.
Dwell in me my Lord; come and stay;
Let me meditate on each word you say.
Do not let me run away and hide,
But proclaim you name with pride.
Every morning I will pray for this land;
Each day I’ll seek to follow your command.
With each breath I take I will remember you.
In you alone is salvation found true.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 September 2013


Blessed from the Lord

Unless your life is based in the Lord,
All your struggling has been in vain.
Unless your purpose is from the Lord,
All your efforts have been in vain.

Blessed is he, who walks with the Lord,
Who give respect and walks in His way.
His labors are richly blessed by the Lord,
He will feast from what God gives today.

For the one who follows not the Lord,
He rises up early and his toil is in vain.
His meal does not come from the Lord,
It does not nourish and eats in vain.

Blessed is the house that follows the Lord;
Your wife will love and respect your way.
Your children will proudly call upon the Lord;
Because of what you teach them today.

Your wife and children comes from the Lord;
They should be treasured as a reward.
Polish them with love, present them with pride;
You are blessed by God, His love He did not hide.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 14 June 2013

WAIT ON THE LORD, by Carl Gooch

Wait on the Lord
O Lord, my heart overflows with thanksgiving;
Before all men do I sing your praise.
I bow before you giving thanks to your name,
Steadfast and faithful is your love.
I hold your word and your name higher than all;
It is the promise and proof of salvation.
At my lowest point I called to you, and you came;
You strengthened my soul with hope.
All the rulers of the earth should praise you;
They have heard the words of truth.
O Lord, the kings should sing of your ways,
For great is the glory of our God.
Your reign is most high; still, you know my name;
You care for your lowly servant.
Although trouble surrounds me, my life you guard;
You protect and provide for my needs.
The Lord will fulfill His righteous purpose for me;
Your steadfast love endures forever.
Let my heart be strong as I wait upon you my Lord;
As I wait on the work of your hand.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 30 May 2013