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All fall short of the glory of God,

But people think it odd

That Jesus chose to die

And they wonder why?

Most think they are good enough,

Or work it out to call God’s bluff…

Thinking God is JUST LIKE THEM…

Just a human.

How can God explain

What is worlds beyond what we contain…

An infinite Mind…

That is kind.

The Heavenly Father planned

Reconnecting with mortal Man…

Living in one of us

To show God’s mercy thus.

Our God chose developing

Gradually to do His thing…

Lessons learned:

Salvation isn’t earned!

But a big part of the story,

We don’t understand “HOLY”…

Totally without any sin,

Who then has none within?

Only one, human logic thinks odd,

A Man—who is God…

Holiness in flesh,

The One time it will mesh!

He first came for Hebrews,

As the Holy One bringing good news…

Then Gentiles…

On they too, god smiles!

For every gift there is cost:

For a moment Christ was tossed…

His Father wouldn’t look on sin…

Which for us, Jesus became.

Crucifixion, suffering, death…

He chose that on our behalf,

That whoever will believe in Him

And what He did…is cleansed of sin.

There always is a choice for us,

That’s why all this fuss

Over a Man who chose to die–

Resurrected bye-and-bye!

Choose Him and be blessed,

There’s no time for delay and jest…

He did it all for you—

Clothed in Him, you’ll be made holy, too!

–Jonathan Caswell



Picking out onions as we speak,

While toasting the much-honored leek…

Running out of room

Capacity to consume,

Is near its available peak.

Nearly–full eat meat and cheese–

Homespun wisdom for times like these…

Appetite gone

It’s time to move on,

Pass me some cold pizza, please?


–Jonathan Caswell

GOOD NEWS….by Carl Gooch

Good News

I’ve got a little song,
About a friend so true.
It doesn’t take long,
To see the good news.

This friend paid the price;
He was our sacrifice.
Our hearts are yearning,
For Jesus Christ is returning.

Good news… He’s coming
Coming to lead us home.
Good news… Christ is coming;
Coming for me and you.

Good news… He’s coming
Coming to lead us home.
Good news… Christ is coming;
Coming for me and you.

That glory train is coming,
Good news it is bringing.
The glory train is coming,
It’s going to carry us home.

Good news… He’s coming
Coming to lead us home.
Good news… Christ is coming;
Coming for me and you.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 24 June 2015



The proverbial ship coming in,

Is when decisions begin…

To not blow it all

On cheap falderol,

A debacle of consumption sin!

And whom one presumes to tell,

May not appreciate it well…

Your good news

May lead to blues,

If others manage your soul to sell.

If not as much as envisioned,

At least you’ll be well-provisioned…

For how long

With temptation strong,

Depends on planned division.

–Jonathan Caswell




Have we Gentiles corrupted the Good News

By wrestling it away from Jews…

Who after all

Were first to fall,

And had God’s Lordship to choose?

We Gentiles go half-way

Deciding which Scripture to say…

Old Testament, for sure,

Will surely endure

But not if some have their way!

What if the narrow gate Jesus told

Of, is returning to a Jewish fold…

Yamakas are fine,

But spending the time

Understanding Hebrew apples of gold?

Will Gentiles understanding Hebrews

Double-Triple blessings of Good News…

I don’t think Jews’ll be

Provoked to jealousy

By Gentiles with anti-Semitic views!


–Jonathan Caswell