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Finding molasses took three or four tries,

Must have been my weary eyes…

Medicine in the left

Left me bereft,

Of complete focus–that’s why!

A man from Meat went to ask,

Helping with my task….

‘Twas in the same aisle

I’d been for a while,

But then I found it at last!

The Father, in eternity,

Manages time perfectly…

Got into a line–

Left for a time–

Came back  when it was time for me.

The lady in front insisted,

At that point I hardly resisted…

In front of her

Business done in a “blur”,

Thanked everyone who assisted!

Under budget the total was,

Took out cash because…

To fill the gas tank–

It Did, many thanks–

My praises to God above!

–Jonathan Caswell


He went to the door for air,

His neighbor outside, was there…

If you will, please–

I can’t find my keys–

Thank you, for being right there!





She walked by, “Don’t look so glum.”

“Be glad you’re working here chum”…

Don’t be a glum bunny,

Let’s see you sunny,

Give us a smile there, chum!

On his way another car stalled,

The traffic build up appalled…

Pushing up hill

With all his will

Til conscience another man called!

Timing is everything,

Getting there then takes planning…

Don’t know about you

But my Lord came through,

His praises I am singing!

–Jonathan Caswell



(sent to the store)


She needed some spices and more,

So sent Hubby to the store…

In the Adirondack Park

Driving after dark,

He’s never gone alone before!

Only two turns (minor) were wrong,

His sense of direction was strong…

Visualized as though day

Most of the way,

He was able to move right along.

Though the lot at the store was dark,

He found a place to park…

With timing just right,

Was blessed by God’s light

Abundantly blessed on his part.

He admitted when he got back,

To his wife with the grocery sack…

‘Twas fun all alone

To find his way home,

‘Though he missed seeing railroad tracks!


–Jonathan Caswell





Looking back west toward the sun,

My shift had still had time to run…

Found a bright sun dog

Near the setting sun logged,

That vertical rainbow was one!

It wasn’t the end of my day,

But looked pretty good, anyway…

It was a day filled

With good, slightly chilled,

The high thirties is where it generally stayed.

Got a lot of good things done,

And timing of things…spot on…

My first job was through

Without a call for the loo,

It’s rare to keep it that long…!


–Jonathan Caswell





When Samuel, the prophet was young

And his ministry barely begun…

He heard the Lord’s call

And abandoned all

To seek out the Master’s tongue.

He heard a Voice call his name,

Thought Eli had called the same….

Eli said, “to bed”,

And when He calls have no dread

But respond to Him all the same.

“Speak, for thy servant heareth,”

Samuel said as the Lord drew neareth….

Samuel listened and then

Told Eli again

How God would his ministry sheareth.

Like the Prophet Samuel I’m not,

Let me tell you my own feeble plot…

I wake up from naps

Hearing my name or cats,

Waking up from sleep on the spot.

My wife claims she hasn’t called,

But was happy I got up after all…

For her pressing need

Of assistance with speed,

The answer has yet to fall.

One time, most recently,

I felt cat’s feet across me…

With no cat in sight,

Just dim evening light

It is perplexing, don’t you agree?

–Jonathan Caswell

NOTE:  This poem is written for educational and entertainment value…and should not be used to ascertain or assume any disease or disorder!  (The Author)




On a Northbridge lawn,

What did I find…

A lone wild turkey

Who stopped there to dine;

Behind my doctor’s office

On the lawn manicured,

It couldn’t have been getter timed

If he’d been actually lured.


–Jonathan Caswell