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The Guard wants to close Gates,

But geese and their younger mates…

Are wandering

And pondering

At feeding frenzied rates.

AHA! they’ve suddenly swarmed,

Inside as if warned…

It’s growing dark

And time to park

In the pond before predators swarm!

The gates are closed at last,

Despite flock-sized droppings cast…

He watched his stepping

By careful schlepping,

So his shoes wouldn’t stick fast!


–Jonathan Caswell





Road hazard upon the walk,

A reason for the rush hour balk…

Are geese in a line

Walking in time,

Listening to the elder ones talk!

The crèche* is growing up fast,

Oh childhood for them never lasts….

Being led across the ramp

To where grass is damp,

To wash down frequent repasts.


–Jonathan Caswell

*crèche is a goose nursery group led by one or more pair of adults