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(From the Postman-Poet, “COACH”)

When you first said, “Hello,” I was not sure–

For I had not seen anything like them before.

The sparkle, the shine–

Could I be losing my mind?

I thought I could read them like a book–

They had that exotic “Come hither” look.

But your decorum and mannerisms belied this theory–

So I was left once again to ponder till weary.

But, alas I turned to that place known as my heart–

And it was there I was told where to look for a start.

So I looked up toward the sky–

And I could now see why.

They sparkle, they shine–

They totally blow my mind.

They were a gift to you from up above–

And delivered to you by a snow-white dove.

Now I can enjoy them as all others do–

Those remarkable windows that make you, you.

Now somehow this world is a much sweeter place–

For the windows to your soul have stated their case.

If the innocence of you knows not of what I speak–

It is your gorgeous eyes I will forever seek.

They sparkle, they shine–

They totally blow my mind.

And if you are wondering why it took me years to tell–

It is only now I see them clear as a bell.


* The pseudonym given by a Post Office worker who picks up an out-going mail basket 4-5 times a week from the company where I work 2nd shift as Security.  Some of his work has been used in the local schools to teach English literature and creative writing.  And no, I don’t know his real name.  🙂