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Coming in from sunshine

Where I had tried to blog…

It was too bright, til I came in

And spotted Gracier dog!

She wagged her tail and wagged her tail

Suddenly as if pleased…

Then hung back to see this man

Whose presence must be eased.

I let her smell my slipper,

The same one from at first…

When at our first meeting,

To calm a fear out-burst.

When first we met in company

She allowed me scratch her chin…

The next time==she was so shy–

Takes time letting someone in!

–Jonathan Caswell



Janet and I were talking,

While Joanne was walking

Out to see

Little Gracie,

While I did the usual gawking.

“Joanne,” said Janet kindly,

“Your suit looks wonderfully…

“Matched in all parts

Your clothing arts,

You’re always a joy to see.”

I easily agreed too,

Joanne know what to do…

Fashion embodiment

By separates’ statement

Of talent with green and blue!

Things independently

Bought are artfully…

Brought together

A visual treasure,

Pleasing to all who see!  🙂

Jonathan Caswell



Our Janet came around

With a new dog today…

She said her name was Gracie

From a shelter, by the way..

Unlike poor old Morgan,

Related to a whippet…

This new one is a black dachshund

So short she is a midget!

Her short little legs

Move her right along…

Neighbors laugh at her rolling in grass

And bonds are growing strong.

Getting used to one another

Takes a little time…

Some of us miss old Madison

Who was far past her prime!

Gracie-Dog doesn’t trust men–

Last night she smelled my slippers…

This morning, though she shied away,

More time we’ll gladly give her.

–Jonathan Caswell