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Is it cheating if it is “3-D”,

A recent advertisement asked me…

Their answer was “NO”

It was okay to go

And play with an image sexy.

As a man thinks, so he is,

Doesn’t that make businessmen  fizz…

It is so sad

Seeing cheerleaders bad,

But if they’re not exotic dancers, who  is?

A well-stacked girl in 3-D

Awaits the pleasure to be…

Taken advantage of soon,

Promising a “moon”

And whatever the buyer pays to see.


That lust even kept in the head…

Violates love’s law

Even if not a paw

Touches her or comes anywhere near bed!

Is it cheating…what do you think,

Playing THAT GAME, commitment gains a chink…

A chink is a hole

Through which love grows cold,

And the character of the player starts to stink!!!!


–Jonathan Caswell