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(A real-life parable)

A story about a young girl

Who if asked, would not have resisted…

Admired a boy in high school

Who didn’t know she existed.

Not that he wasn’t willing

But he didn’t know her name…

She from a distance adored him.

This boy with high school fame.

Graduation comes and goes

And both live somewhere in town…

The poor girl had troubles,

Suffering a nervous breakdown.

Admitted to a psychiatric hospital

To find proper treatment a while…

Felling sad and lonely,

Having few reasons to smile.

The Protestant Chaplain’s visit

To see what could be done…

She heard his name of “Caswell”

And asked…did he have a son?

This younger son came to visit her,

“Jonathan” by name…

He was the boy from long ago:

Older, but the same!

For his first visit

He brought his Dad along…

He didn’t know what to expect

But her memory was strong.

They talked about the Prom

And things they never knew…

Expressed regret knowing that,

“I could have taken you.”

A few more visits over months

She grew up and out…

Don’t know where she is right now,

But healthier–no doubt.

Jonathan Caswell