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According to ‘WALK IN THE WORD”.

Miriam was most disturbed…

By Moses’ new marriage

That she disparaged,

Before getting to her deepest hurt.

In the original language used,

The female form was used…

Spoke a woman


Who felt most abused!

Said God–come here you three–

I’ll tell who is closest to Me…

Moses most humble

But ’bout Me you grumble,

Miriam’s tagged leprosy.

Seven days outside the camp,

Moses kept her from the damp…

Changed attitude

When God’s way viewed,

Healed–she came back, no cramp!

More recently, one fell to grumbling

Under his breath–not humbling–

What will God do

The dense to break through,

Or allow in his way some stumbling?

Grumbling under the breath,

In the Desert…was kiss of death…

But for God’s mercy

Miriam cutseyed,

And came back in perfect health!

–Jonathan Caswell

“WALK IN THE WORD”…a radio program on WVNE, 760 AM, 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, weekdays.



He grumbled into the bedroom,

He grumbled it wasn’t fair…

But then fell asleep

For hours a heap

Of quietly breathing bear!

He had his nasal mask fitted,

Unplugged and moved his machine…

Machine started whirring,

The man stopped stirring,

Asleep and not talking mean.

Woke up after sleeping hours

And didn’t know the time…

His wife said’ he did fine in bed,

For himself–he felt fine.

He liked that the bedroom was quiet,

He liked quickly falling asleep…

Complaining done

He slept until one,

And never made a peep!

–Jonathan Caswell



Synopsis of a week Up-state,

A visit for me and my mate…

A dead battery

Begins it you see,

And lots more left on the plate.

We both made the trip without grumbling,

(That fact especially humbling)…

Making good time

Before the sun’s decline,

The car not ever stumbling.

The next day the battery

Quit, was jumped frequently…

Next door’s garage

Wasn’t a mirage,

And changed it eventually!

Then my Diana and me

Spent time in Emergency…

Two separate days

In our own ways

And she came out sooner than me!

I visited the local train station,

Finding myself in consternation…

The camera was home–er,

I’d done me boner,

That didn’t help the situation.

That visit I found all three

Train engines posed for me…

The next time–not–

Just two I got,

The third went south for duty.

That Saturday as we were leaving,

A Railfan Day was receiving…

Special views

With the train crews,

But we had just that day for leaving.

My wife found her blueberry pie

While shopping for the food supply…

And got some ice cream

(Mountain prices: a scream!),

Before we waved “bye-bye”!

–Jonathan Caswell