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Finding molasses took three or four tries,

Must have been my weary eyes…

Medicine in the left

Left me bereft,

Of complete focus–that’s why!

A man from Meat went to ask,

Helping with my task….

‘Twas in the same aisle

I’d been for a while,

But then I found it at last!

The Father, in eternity,

Manages time perfectly…

Got into a line–

Left for a time–

Came back  when it was time for me.

The lady in front insisted,

At that point I hardly resisted…

In front of her

Business done in a “blur”,

Thanked everyone who assisted!

Under budget the total was,

Took out cash because…

To fill the gas tank–

It Did, many thanks–

My praises to God above!

–Jonathan Caswell