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(Reference: 1st Timothy 1: 3-7)

(Do you notice where the idea of “stumbling blocks” are mentioned?)

Dedicated disciples are hated,

They insist others educated…

Be allowed to choose

‘Tween theologies loose

And consistent believe indicated.

Arguments quote Bible verses.

Ignoring any misuse curses…

Thinking that they

Can make their way,

Even if their logic reverses.

God will not be mocked,

Disobedient ones are chalked…

Unless repented

Confessed and relented,

Their doom is eventually marked.

God didn’t provide His plan

To have it monkeyed by man….

In the Garden

Satan’s sparring

Led to an eviction demand!

Most deny original sin,

They insist with tears and grins…

That humans are GOOD–

No loving God would

Inflict His world to be  grim.

The reason it’s grim–concede–

Is due to human greed…

To be gods

At all odds,

Who planted then sinful seed!

I’m taking by faith the Bible,

Not calling ¬†misunderstood parts “libel”…

I won’t pick and choose

(I don’t want to lose}

It is my soul’s survival.

If some wish to disagree,

That is okay with me…

Don’t get in the way

Of another today

Who may wish the Lord’s guarantee!

(Romans 14:13; 2nd Corinthians 6: 2-thro’ 6)

–Jonathan Caswell