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(“Yellow Rose of Texas”)


He got his medications

With double water pills,

Flushing out his fluid

Will take care of his ills…

With water weight reducing

He’ll easier breathe,

So he’ll not have to quickly

Make out a will to bequeath!

He’s feeling rather wonderful

As he runs for the pot,

Cloresterol reduction

Is not all that he’s got…

All this extra exercise

Is doing good as well,

As long as he wobbles

Carefully to avoid a spill!

His doctors have him taking stuff

With scientific names,

But when they say the name brand

He thinks they’re playing games…

It’s him who must coordinate

Between health services,

So there’s no duplication

Of what the other says!

He’s healthier but faces

Changing what he eats,

To not binge out on candy

Or salty tasty treats…

This is the hardest thing of all

But he’s got little choice,

He’s got to stop fooling himself

His doctors all voice!


–Jonathan Caswell