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SEE US THROUGH, by Carl Gooch

See Us Through

Whatever struggles we may face,
Whatever trial may come our way,
We can know one thing is true;
Our Lord will see us through.

Yesterday, today or tomorrow,
Our Lord is the same day after day.
His love is forever true;
He is calling to me and you.

When those old troubles come,
And our body is wracked with pain,
Trust the love He has for you.
Our Lord will see us through.

If we are confused or unsure,
Our minds clouded and unclear,
Hold fast to His promises true;
His word will guide us through.

Do not be discouraged or afraid,
He is right beside us all the way.
Seek the Lord in all we do,
And He will be there with me and you.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 17 January 2014