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RED HAIRED FRUIT…from www.raising-redheads.com


(from http://www.raising-redheads.com/)*


The redhead stereotypic:

Emotional, impatient, sadistic…

Find a match in the Word

Growing as spurred

On by His Spirit realistic.

The fruit of God’s Spirit seen

In Ephesians 5:22-23…

Will make a “red” sing

Joyously on the wing,

Fulfilling our true destiny!

Spirit-fruit grows within us

When we yield control to Him who is sinless…

More Spirit control

Strengthens the soul,

Replacing life strategies winless.


–Jonathan Caswell

*Modified from http://www.raising-redheads.com/poetry.html, as just one of a pageful of red head-related poems…plus an interview section on my recently published book of Christian poetry….plus more material about red heads!!!!  Please check it out.  This is an uncompensated and unrequested endorsement of Deb’s web page…of course, ’cause I’m one of several people featured on it!  🙂