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An echo-cardiogram with treadmill,

They thought would fit the bill…

To ramp up heart beat,

Not as a treat,

But to analyze function at will.

The poor patient pooped out,

Getting too anxious no doubt…

He could not run

When barely begun,

Long-legged but rather stout.

It’s off to the hospital bed

To try something different they said…

Chemically induced

Stress will deduce,

What’s going on, instead!


–Jonathan Caswell





Our company’s fitness plan

Has kept me as good as I am…

Stair-stepping, long walks,

Avoiding sudden shocks

And making rounds according to plan.

The folks we protect have insurance

That presupposes some endurance…

Of Security

To a certain degree,

For facility safety assurance.

At one-to-three times a shift,

The heartbeat gets a lift…

From doing our rounds

All through Comp’ny grounds,

To make sure no points are missed.

Lately things have gotten slow

And quieter than you’d know…

Weekends, for sure,

One can do a tour

As many times as one might go!


–Jonathan Caswell