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The average male has his ways,

If inner feelings should show…

He sees a guy making progress

And jealousy starts to grow.

If she’s available to him

Or not, it does not matter…

A guy may sometimes want

The other guy’s head on a platter.

She could be young or old,

If he has any feelings

Of warmth toward her untold…

There won’t be any revealings.

Most guys collect more friends

Who are women oh, so fair…

A kinder, gentler harem,

Only respect and friendship there.

Of course…some will collect…

Trying to be potentate,

If one woman knows the other

His downfall may not wait.

The men who seem most “with it”

Can keep all of this inside…

Acting as appropriately,

In gentleness and  pride.

–Jonathan Caswell

NOTE: The Author will neither confirm or deny the accuracy of these statements.  It is, alas, “Just a Poem!”