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Forgive me for mentioning

I love a button-up blouse…

Pink or blue or white will do—

They look good on my spouse!

Ah the memories of girls

Who had buttons to try…

Theirs are opposite to ours,

I’m still not sure just why!

One in college allowed

One or two unbuttoned til…

She stopped any further  research,

Though of me she thought not ill.

I remember one time

When “gap-o-sis” got me caught…

In saying what I didn’t have to—

My Dad was anger fraught.

A girl  he had chased after

Offered  him to see…

What delights lay underneath

And he did…naturally.

That woman was his fave

Until the future wife came ’round…

When that woman cut things off

It really threw him down!

He doesn’t need

To see one undressed…

To know that he likes that style

On anyone the best!

–Jonathan Caswell