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(No Ti-for-Tat…)

Twenty-eight years we’re married,

A lot of water we’ve carried…

Some Tit-for-Tat

De-emphasize that,

When God’s love through each ferried.

Nobody’s perfect (How New!)

But struggle obedience through…

Channels we be

Put aside me,

Letting God’s Spirit shine through!

Nobody’s perfect (We see!)

Except the One Who saved eternally..

All who believe

And His love receive,

Lord who calls the shots is He!

Each needs to on their own,

Listen to God to find home…

Three-legged races–

Both in the traces

Flesh of flesh and bone of bone…!

One flesh but still two minds,

Seeking oneness in all kinds…

Bound in Christ

Three-fold supplies,

A life line to throw and rewind.

–Jonathan E. Caswell