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Trusting in His Promises
The Lord God spoke;
“I hold your right hand.”
And I was covered with peace,
Knowing He was in command.
Mighty is your arm, my Lord,
Strong is your right hand.
Steadfast love and faithfulness,
Your righteous laws stand.
I remember yesterday,
How it was filled with care.
And you is with me today,
Giving me Your love to share.
I know what your word has to say,
Tomorrow you will be with me there.
Righteousness and justice
the foundation of your throne.
Your mercy and grace is my cloak,
Until in love you call me home.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 24 March 2015

IN HIS WAY, by Carl Gooch


With joy in my heart I face my tasks,

I cannot fail at what my Saviour asks…

Praying and singing I meet the day

As Christ my Lord leads the way.

Awake my soul, sing your praises to Him,

My Lord and Saviour forgives all your sin…

His infinite mercy took my sins away

So His love I’ll reflect in what I do and say!

The ruler of my life is God’s only Son,

His plan is perfect, His will shall be done…

I read His promises in His word every day

I search and listen for what He will say.

His Spirit within me plants a seed:

My strength, my comfort and all I need…

He’s my Great Provider both now and forever,

By His grace we both walk this path together.

Awake my soul–arise–greet this day,

Receive His blessing and walk in His way!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 August 2014

HOW TO WIN….by Carl Gooch


We’ve been given the means and ability

Yet easily diverted by what we see..

Confused by deception, smoke and mirrors

And turned by wicked minds on our deepest fears.

We see goals and dreams before us

But the time soon becomes too much…

Don’t be distracted from day-to-day

But focus your thoughts on God’s way.

God gives us all we need to win,

Purpose and source are found in Him…

He shows the path we need to walk

And His strength isn’t idle talk!

We no longer live as this world lives

But live in love that Christ gives…

We’ve changed–put off our old ways–

Walking in His love the rest of our days.

We know we serve God serving others,

Showing Christ to our sisters and brothers…

We strive to stay focussed and strong in Him

And trust in His promises our race to win.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 06 June 2014