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MY SAVIOR NEAR, by Carl Gooch

MY SAVIOR NEAR….by Carl Gooch

In the morning’s cool fall air,

I sit peacefully without care…

A book of love open in my hand

To seek His word and my command.

What doth day hold…how will I fare…

It doesn’t matter when He is there,

Blessings, promises before me lay:

The Lord my God walks with me today!

Noon sun warms my hair,

Rejoice my heart, for His care…

My heart o’er flows in joyous praise

For the Lord watching over me all my days.

When toil becomes too much to bear,

Take it all to the cross, leaving it there…

He gives strength that we can stand

Guided and protected by his hand!

The evening sun sets as I kneel in prayer,

Thanking the Lord that He’s always there…

When my body is weary from running its race

Calm and peace–His  rest sets in place.

I have no worries

And have no fear…

I know my Savior

And He is near!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 07 October 2014